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Developers :

Capital Developments

Location :

90 Isabella St, Toronto, ON, Canada

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Isabella Street Condos Condo Project Summary

90 Isabella Street Condos: A Symphony of Serenity and Splendor

Nestled amidst the vibrant cityscape, a soothing oasis awaits at 90 Isabella st Condos. Prepare to be enchanted by this 69 storey residential development that transcends ordinary living and elevates it to an extraordinary experience. Developed by Capital Developments, this exquisite masterpiece beckons you with open arms, inviting you to embrace a lifestyle so good, you'll be amazed. This 69-storey wonder is packed with 837 units. 

At 90 Isabella Street condominiums, each unit is a masterpiece of modern design and functionality, carefully crafted to evoke a sense of harmony and tranquility. Whether you seek the intimacy of a cozy studio or the spaciousness of a three-bedroom suite, there's a living space that speaks to your soul. The floor-to-ceiling windows bathe the rooms in the embrace of natural light, while offering awe-inspiring vistas of the city skyline, a mesmerizing heritage of lights that will leave you spellbound. 

Step into a world of refined elegance, where high-quality finishes and fixtures embrace you in a symphony of comfort and sophistication. Custom-designed cabinetry weaves seamless storage solutions, keeping your home uncluttered and harmonious. Integrated appliances blend seamlessly with the sleek surroundings, a testament to the seamless integration of form and function. Quartz countertops sparkle like stardust, inviting you to savor culinary delights and create lasting memories.

Beyond the walls of your sanctuary, 90 Isabella Street Condos extends an invitation to a life of unrivaled luxury and serenity. Immerse yourself in the splendor of a rooftop oasis, where lush greenery and tranquil water features offer respite from the urban hustle. Unwind in the state-of-the-art fitness center, where your well-being takes center stage, or bask in the warm embrace of a sparkling infinity pool, your private sanctuary of calm.

Buying a condo at 90 Isabella Street transcends the ordinary; it is an investment in a lifestyle of fulfillment and enchantment. Every element is thoughtfully curated to cocoon you in comfort and elevate your daily living to an art form. This is not just a purchase; it's a choice to embrace a way of life so good, it defies expectations. 

Join the symphony of residents who have found their harmony at 90 Isabella Street Condos. Let the soothing tones of this architectural masterpiece serenade you into a world where luxury and tranquility are harmoniously entwined. The stage is set, and the spotlight awaits; it's time to take center stage and experience a lifestyle so good, you'll be amazed.

Discover 90 Isabella Street Condos – where the magic of living unfolds before your very eyes.

Isabella Street Condos Amenities of 90 Isabella Street Condos



Location and Neighborhood of 90 Isabella Street Condos

Nestled at the heart of Toronto's cultural tapestry, 90 Isabella Street Condos offers a location that is nothing short of enchanting. Situated in a neighborhood that seamlessly blends urban vitality with serene green spaces, this new development is a gateway to the very best the city has to offer. This location has an unbelievable transit score of 90.

With a coveted address in the heart of Toronto, residents of 90 Isabella Street Condos find themselves in the midst of an urban playground brimming with iconic attractions. The Royal Ontario Museum, a beacon of culture and history, stands just moments away, inviting you to immerse yourself in the wonders of the world. Nearby, the Art Gallery of Ontario beckons with its impressive collection of art from around the globe, an invitation to be captivated by creativity in its purest form. And the iconic CN Tower, an architectural marvel, stands tall, offering awe-inspiring views of the city and beyond.

90 Isabella Street Condos not only grants access to cultural treasures but also ensures that convenience is never compromised. The building's prime location places it in close proximity to major transportation hubs, most notably the Yonge-Bloor subway station. From here, the city unfurls at your feet, offering you effortless access to every corner of Toronto. Embrace the freedom to traverse the city with ease as the pulse of urban life beats in rhythm with your every step.

Beyond the city's hustle and bustle, 90 Isabella Street Condos unveils a neighborhood that cherishes nature's embrace. Discover tranquility amidst the greenery of Queen's Park and Allan Gardens, where lush landscapes and serene ponds provide a sanctuary for relaxation and contemplation. Here, the spirit finds solace in the harmony of the natural world, a haven that nurtures the soul.

As the sun sets on Toronto's skyline, the neighborhood around 90 Isabella Street Condos comes alive with a culinary symphony. Embark on an epicurean adventure, savoring a diverse array of flavors that span the globe. From the traditional warmth of Italian cuisine to the delicate artistry of Japanese fare and from the bold spices of Mexican delights to the tantalizing aromas of Indian dishes, every dining experience becomes a celebration of culture and taste.

At 90 Isabella Street Condos, you become a part of Toronto's rich urban mosaic, a harmonious blend of cultural wonders, convenient connectivity, serene green spaces, and culinary delights. Embrace a lifestyle that embraces the best of both worlds, where city life and nature's embrace intertwine, creating a tapestry of experiences that enrich your every day.

Discover 90 Isabella Street Condos – where the vibrancy of Toronto becomes your everyday adventure.

About the developers of Isabella Street Condos

Capital Developments is a renowned real estate developer that has redefined urban living with its innovative and visionary projects. With a passion for creating transformative spaces that inspire and elevate the human experience, Capital Developments stands at the forefront of the industry, leaving an indelible mark on the urban landscape.

At the heart of Capital Developments' success lies an unwavering commitment to architectural brilliance. Each project is a masterpiece of design, carefully conceptualized to harmonize with the surrounding environment while pushing the boundaries of creativity. Capital Developments' buildings stand tall as icons of artistry, blending form and function in perfect harmony.

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