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AKRA Condos
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AKRA Condos For Sale

Developers :

Curated Properties

Location :

109 Erskine Ave, Toronto, ON, Canada

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AKRA Condos Project Summary

Discover the epitome of sophisticated urban living at AKRA Condos, an exciting new pre-construction condominium development brought to you by Curated Properties. Nestled at 109 Erskine Ave in the heart of Toronto, this exceptional project is poised to redefine modern city living with its impeccable design and prime location.

A Towering Marvel

Rising gracefully amidst the bustling energy of the city, AKRA Condos stands tall with 22 storeys, commanding attention with its sleek and contemporary architecture. With a total of 211 thoughtfully designed residential units, this development promises a harmonious blend of style, comfort, and convenience.

Prime Location, Vibrant Lifestyle

Nestled in the vibrant Yonge & Eglinton midtown neighborhood, AKRA Condos places you at the pulse of the city's cultural and entertainment scene. Experience the allure of this coveted locale, where every convenience is just steps away. From eclectic dining establishments to trendy boutiques and lush green spaces, you'll find yourself in the heart of all that Toronto has to offer.

Elegance Redefined

Step into your future home, where elegance is woven into every detail. AKRA Condos offers a range of meticulously designed residential units, ensuring that each space is a canvas for your unique lifestyle. From cozy studios to spacious multi-bedroom layouts, every residence exudes modernity and warmth.

Amenities Beyond Compare

Immerse yourself in an array of exquisite amenities that elevate your living experience. Whether it's unwinding on the rooftop terrace, working up a sweat in the state-of-the-art fitness center, or hosting gatherings in stylish communal spaces, AKRA Condos presents a lifestyle that balances relaxation and indulgence.

A Visionary Development

Curated Properties brings their visionary approach to life at AKRA Condos. With a commitment to quality craftsmanship and innovative design, they've created a haven with 56 Floors 2,170 suites. 

Register Your Interest

The opportunity to be part of this exceptional development awaits. Register your interest in AKRA Condos today and stay connected with updates, exclusive previews, and more. Elevate your urban living experience with AKRA Condos – where elegance and convenience converge in the heart of Toronto's thriving landscape.

Discover AKRA Condos, where urban luxury becomes your reality.

Neighborhood and Location of AKRA Condos

In the heart of urban embrace, where concrete pathways intertwine like whispered secrets, lies the prime location of this new condo. It's a place where dreams take residence, where life dances in vibrant hues, and where the pulse of the city orchestrates a symphony of possibilities.

Here, residents are gifted a treasure trove of experiences, as they step out to explore a world within walking reach. Streets adorned with promises lead to a mosaic of shopping havens, each window a glimpse into desires waiting to be embraced. Boutiques and emporiums beckon with their finery, while cozy cafes invite with the aroma of freshly brewed tales. The air is laden with the fragrant whisper of culinary masterpieces, promising savory adventures and sweet delights that mirror the tapestry of life itself.

Dining becomes a journey of the senses, where flavors are passports to cultures, and each bite carries a story of faraway lands. Laughter and clinking glasses create a soundtrack of camaraderie, shared under the embrace of starlit evenings. The Walk Score of 89/100 Akra Condos indicates that this area is very walkable. 

But it's not just the tangible that enchants this neighborhood; it's the intangible tapestry of connections that weave it together. Faces become familiar; smiles are exchanged like currency in a world of friendships blossoming amidst the urban bustle. The rhythm of conversations becomes the heartbeat of the community, where stories intermingle like notes in a melody.

Ventures extend beyond the pedestrian streets, as the thoroughfare of life is lined with pathways to the broader world. Within mere steps, the TTC buses and subways open the gates to exploration, carrying souls to distant corners and far-off adventures. And for those who take to the roads, the highway's embrace is swift, like the comfort of a well-traveled path.

In this enclave, the symphony of city life harmonizes with the quiet sanctuary of home. The windows frame both the vitality and the tranquility, inviting the world in while cradling the dwellers in their own cocoon. As daylight and dusk trade places, the heart of the city continues to beat, and in this space, the narrative of life unfolds—one step, one story, one shared moment at a time.

About the Developer of AKRA Condos

Curated Properties is a renowned real estate developer that has redefined urban living with its innovative and visionary projects. With a passion for creating transformative spaces that inspire and elevate the human experience, Curated Properties stands at the forefront of the industry, leaving an indelible mark on the urban landscape.

At the heart of Curated Properties' success lies an unwavering commitment to architectural brilliance. Each project is a masterpiece of design, carefully conceptualized to harmonize with the surrounding environment while pushing the boundaries of creativity. Curated Properties' buildings stand tall as icons of artistry, blending form and function in perfect harmony.

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