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Hickory Tree Tower
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Hickory Tree Tower


Arkfield Development

Location :

1746 Weston Rd, York, ON M9N 1V5

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Hickory Tree Tower Condo Project Summary

The Hickory Tree Tower is a highly innovative addition to Toronto's skyline. This tree tower is a new venture by A1 Development, strategically located at 1746 Weston Road, seamlessly blending urban and suburban living in the heart of the Weston neighborhood.

As a pre-construction condo development, Hickory Tree Tower stands out in the existing context of tall buildings along Weston Road and Lawrence Avenue West. With its 25-storey design, the condominium development promises a total of 253 units, each meticulously planned with diverse floor plans to cater to varied preferences.

Development by A1 makes this project truly exceptional. Not to forget its commitment to harmonizing with the natural surroundings. Situated in proximity to the Humber River, the condo embraces the potential location for residential intensification while respecting the lush greenery and serenity of the area. The new trees planted around the tower not only enhance the landscape but also symbolize sustainable living and environmental consciousness.

The main entrance of Hickory Tree Tower is decorated with highly innovative design elements, featuring all-white step-backs, glass windows, and glass balconies. This contemporary aesthetic not only contributes to the overall beauty of the structure but also ensures a bright and airy ambiance within the living spaces.

Strategically positioned near major transportation hubs such as the Weston GO Station and Union-Pearson Train Station, residents can enjoy the convenience of a 14-minute train ride to the downtown core. The development site's proximity to Highway 401 further adds to the ease of commuting, making it an ideal choice for those who value accessibility.

Hickory Tree Tower offers a plethora of amenities that cater to modern living. With a street presence along Weston Road, the tower is just a short walk from essential services and the bustling energy of the city. The condo's location benefits from being across the street from the condominium, providing residents with convenient access to the Weston Go Station.

Hickory Tree Tower by A1 Development emerges as a beacon of sophistication along the Weston Road corridor. Its strategic location, high-rise design, and commitment to integrating seamlessly with the surroundings position it as a promising venture in the real estate landscape of Toronto, offering a harmonious blend of innovation and urban living.

Floor Plans / Amenities

  • Hickory Tree Tower is a new architectural delight designed by DIALOG
  • It showcases several all-white step-backs, glimmering glass windows and glass balconies
  • Those who score units on the step-back portion of the building will enjoy the Humber River view
  • The condo has a range of facilities that cater to your needs
  • It will contain 11,033 square feet of indoor and outdoor amenities
  • Underground, four levels of parking are planned to accommodate 107 vehicles
  • 184+ bicycle spots will be available for residents to use at their leisure.

Location and Neighborhood : Toronto Neighborhoods with New Homes

Hickory Tree Tower is located within the Weston Road corridor in Toronto, Hickory Tree Tower is not just a new condo; it represents a paradigm of urban living, brought to you by the esteemed real estate developer, A1. This platinum new high-rise condominium development has captured attention not only for its design but also for its location that fits within the existing context of tall buildings along the Weston Road corridor.

Benefiting from Platinum VIP pricing and offering an array of floor plans, the development site is steps away from the Union-Pearson Train Station, ensuring a short 14-minute train ride to the bustling downtown core. This convenient connectivity adds to the beauty of the area, making it a prime residential development hotspot

The Weston Road corridor, recognized for its potential for growth and development, has witnessed the establishment of the recently built Weston GO Station, just a short distance from the condominium site. This project has not only contributed to the area's transportation infrastructure but has also benefited the neighborhood, encouraging the start of urbanization and fostering a sense of community.

A key feature of Hickory Tree Tower is its grand main entrance, welcoming residents and visitors alike to a sophisticated living experience. The ground floor landscape, by the Wilby Crescent, provides a serene retreat within the urban environment, creating a balanced living space from the 14th floor upwards. 

As the area continues to undergo gentrification, it is expected that more commercial development will follow. The Weston Road corridor's strategic location, connecting to the Humber River and the railway, positions it as an attractive locale for both residential and commercial ventures. The concentration of real estate professionals and the innovative and enterprising real estate developers established in Toronto further contribute to the area's reputation as a hub for growth and prosperity. 

Hickory Tree Tower is not just a condominium; it's a symbol of forward-thinking urban development in the heart of Toronto. With its platinum features, strategic location, and commitment to harmonizing with the existing landscape, it stands as a testament to the dynamic future awaiting those who choose to call it home.

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About the Developers 

The Arkfield Development is a major real estate project that has been underway for the past year. Situated on the outskirts of town, this large-scale development aims to provide affordable housing to the local community. The project has been met with a mixed response from local residents, with some expressing concerns about the potential impact on the surrounding environment. Despite this, the developers have been working closely with the local authorities to ensure that all necessary permits and regulations are met.

The development itself will consist of several large apartment buildings, each with a range of different-sized units. The buildings will be surrounded by landscaped grounds, including green spaces, walking paths, and recreational facilities for residents to enjoy. The developers have also promised to incorporate sustainable features such as solar panels and rainwater harvesting into the design of the buildings.

The Arkfield Development is seen as a major investment in the local community, providing much-needed housing options for families and individuals who are struggling to find affordable accommodation in the area. While there are certainly challenges to be faced in such a large-scale project, the developers are confident that the end result will be a welcome addition to the community.

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