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Developers :

Lithos Group

Location :

1836 Davenport Rd, Toronto, ON, Canada

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Introducing Davenport Village Lofts

 A Fusion of Heritage and Contemporary Living

Discover the epitome of modern urban living with a touch of history at Davenport Village Lofts Condos, nestled in the heart of Toronto's dynamic Davenport Village. This remarkable west village development brings together the essence of Toronto's vibrant neighborhoods, offering a diverse range of living spaces that cater to various preferences.

Set in the historic Foundry Loft building, Davenport Village Lofts Condos seamlessly blend heritage charm with contemporary design. The location itself is a testament to Toronto's rich history, situated on Davenport Road near St. Clair, where the West End meets Weston Pellam Park, Carleton Village, and beyond. With close proximity to the bustling Liberty Village, Corso Italia, and the downtown core, this development promises an urban lifestyle that's both convenient and vibrant.

Explore a variety of unit options, including West Condos and Heritage Towns, each designed to provide comfortable living spaces that cater to different needs. The thoughtfully curated floor plans ensure that each unit maximizes space and functionality, with features like hardwood floors and modern interior design elements.

Situated near popular landmarks such as High Park, Wadsworth Park, and Trinity Bellwoods, Davenport Village Lofts Condos provide ample green space and recreational areas for residents to enjoy. With Earlscourt Park just a short walk away, you're never far from nature's tranquility.

The prime location offers easy access to various transit options, including the Bloor GO Station and Dundas West Station. For those seeking a central hub, Yonge Street and Bay Street are easily accessible, making commutes across the Greater Toronto Area a breeze. 250 Davenport Road has a Walk Score of 90 out of 100.

Real estate professionals recognize the value of this development, especially with its association with the Canadian Real Estate Association. This ensures that the Davenport Village Lofts Condos, which has 233 suites, meets the highest standards in the industry, offering residents a quality living experience.

From Davenport Village to the Stockyards District and Junction Triangle, the surrounding neighborhoods offer a diverse range of experiences, from eclectic dining to boutique shopping. Groceries, amenities, and entertainment are all within walking distance, providing an unmatched level of convenience.

With an occupancy that promises a swift move-in process, Davenport Village Lofts Condos invite you to become part of a thriving community that bridges the past and the present. If you're looking for a unique living experience that celebrates heritage and modernity, look no further than the Foundry Loft building at 1836 Davenport Road. Immerse yourself in the charm of this neighborhood, where each suite tells a story of Toronto's rich history while offering a contemporary lifestyle like no other.

Amenities of Davenport Village Lofts Condos


Location and Neighborhood

Carleton Village: A Tranquil Haven with Urban Connectivity

Nestled in the heart of Toronto, the neighborhood of Carleton Village stands as a cherished haven for both working professionals and families seeking a harmonious blend of urban convenience and peaceful retreat. It is within this charming locale that the Davenport Village Lofts find their home, offering a unique living experience that captures the essence of modern metropolitan living while retaining a tranquil ambiance.

Urban Convenience at Your Doorstep

Carleton Village boasts a unique charm that appeals to a diverse range of residents. Working professionals and families alike are drawn to its inviting atmosphere, where tree-lined streets and community-centric surroundings create a warm and welcoming environment. Despite its serene appeal, Carleton Village is strategically positioned to grant easy access to the bustling commercial areas of Toronto. This means that residents of Davenport Village Lofts can enjoy the best of both worlds – the tranquility of their immediate surroundings and the convenience of metropolitan amenities.

Escape the City Sounds, Embrace Natural Serenity

One of the remarkable features of Davenport Village Lofts' location is its distance from the cacophony of city sounds. The peaceful environment enveloping the neighborhood provides a respite from the urban hustle, allowing residents to unwind and rejuvenate in their own private oasis. The serenity offered by the area creates an ideal setting for a calm and balanced lifestyle, a rarity in a thriving city like Toronto.

Embrace the Surrounding Beauty

Beyond its quiet streets, Carleton Village presents a stunning backdrop that residents of Davenport Village Lofts can truly appreciate. The picturesque surroundings contribute to a sense of belonging and connection with nature, enhancing the overall living experience. Whether it's a leisurely stroll through lush parks or enjoying the vibrant colors of changing seasons, the natural beauty of the area fosters a deeper connection to the environment.

Proximity to Prominent Developments

The Stockyards District, a renowned and favored development in Toronto, is conveniently located near Davenport Village Lofts. This burgeoning area adds another layer of appeal to the neighborhood, offering residents a plethora of retail, dining, and entertainment options. The symbiotic relationship between Carleton Village and its surrounding districts ensures that Davenport Village Lofts residents are never far from a range of exciting experiences.

In conclusion, Carleton Village is more than just a neighborhood; it's a harmonious blend of urban connectivity and tranquil living. With its proximity to the Stockyards District, a flourishing community, and the inherent natural beauty that envelops the area, Davenport Village Lofts offer residents the chance to embrace the best of both worlds. 

Experience the charm, convenience, and serenity that Carleton Village has to offer while making Davenport Village Lofts your urban sanctuary.

About the Developers of Davenport Village Lofts Condos

Lithos Group stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence in the world of real estate development. With a commitment to creating exceptional living spaces that transcend expectations, Lithos Group has firmly established itself as a key player in the industry, known for its dedication to quality, design, and community. 

At the core of Lithos Group's ethos is a steadfast commitment to excellence. Their visionary approach to development revolves around creating spaces that not only fulfill practical needs but also elevate the human experience. Each project undertaken by Lithos Group is driven by a passion for creating environments that seamlessly blend aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability.

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